We cre­ate visu­al content

Instant photography

There’s an event plan­ned. It has to be on face­bo­ok, insta and other social media and you have to publish it right away. We pro­vi­de servi­ce to sho­ot both repor­ta­ge on loca­tion and pro­duct orien­ted. You can get pho­tos just after pho­to ses­sion ends. With wire­less con­nec­ted came­ra you can have pho­tos on your mobi­le to publish them hot. We plan FB posts in a coope­ra­tion with you. When you will rest after the sho­ot all con­tent will be ready to click publish’.

Transmission / Live

Short movies like invi­ta­tion for events, infor­ma­tion video, pro­mo, fol­low-up. We cre­ate con­tent toge­ther. We pro­vi­de sim­ple or advan­ced video setup. Came­ra, set, live! on your social media. 


We pro­vi­de pre­pro­duc­tion, script, set design, edi­ting, post­pro­duc­tion of short movies. It might be event video, a series of inte­rvies, pro­mo clip, an ad or user manual.


Clas­sic pho­to ses­sion. Out­do­or, stu­dio, on loca­tion, at your company\‘s HQ. Post­pro­duc­tion included.

Project design & DTP

We will cre­ate a new brand iden­ti­ty or extend the one you alre­ady have. Design of press ad, bil­l­bo­ard, new poster cam­pa­ign, maga­zi­ne and book, fly­ers, invi­ta­tion. We help with prin­ting pro­cess both in coope­ra­tion with client and prin­ting com­pa­ny or pro­vi­de all in one service.

Theatre visuals

We like to cre­ate inte­rac­ti­ve sce­no­gra­phy ele­ments for 21 cen­tu­ry the­atre. In coope­ra­tion with direc­tor or set desi­gner we will pro­vi­de visu­al art form, which could beco­me addi­tio­nal role in a play.

Payments options

You can pay instan­tly for instant servi­ces using paypass.

We pro­vi­de advan­ced mini­ma­lism for smo­oth communication.


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